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Are you happy in your clan?

This Is Top Tier Trash, A Clan Where Everyone is Welcome!

Top Tier Trash Guardians was a small clan of few friends and family back in 2017. It was initiated by Shahz774, PsychoNebula, Shahgrac3, Yosenju32 and Basil29er. We are the pioneers of this guild who have brought it to be a successful community. We have definitely come a long way thanks to our amazing members and dedicated D2 players! We have players both on PC and PS4 and we are always looking for players. You can be a scrim/scrub/salt/sweat/trash/divorced/married/gay/single we do not judge you! We just want to have fun, get the bounties done and use our gun!
So come join us on discord, in our games or on our streams.