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Are you happy in your clan?

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About The Clan

The Clan

Top Tier Trash is no longer JUST a clan, it is a community where people socialize and get together. Destiny 2 is where it all began, four of us friends; Shahz774, PsychoNebula, Shahgrac3,Basil29er and Yosenju32 created the clan itself as Top Tier Trash Guardians. Later on there was TopTierTrashGuardiansII, then III and so on. Now currently we are over 500 members and exponentially growing as a community. That being said, we have decided to have some ground rules in our community in order to improve how we communicate amongst the members and the overall multiplayer experience.

Clan Vision

Top Tier Trash Guardians (TTTG) is a community where everyone is welcome. It is a safe haven for those who seek to make friends and play with others in a (semi) respectable environment. Our goal is to support one another, and to get our missions done as a team. That is our fundamental philosophy. As we began to grow as a community, we moved away from Looking For Group (LFG) forums and started doing multiplayer, requiring missions within the guild. We grow as a team in PVP and PVE and Sherpa members through activities. This will continue to happen in a prosperous manner, benefiting the clan and the clan members through the actions of its collective. That is our vision as the Top Tier Trash Guardians.
So… are you happy in your clan? Because we’re happy in ours!