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Are you happy in your clan?




Trust, Honor, Respect

Trust: To be honest to your fellow teammates. Never deceiving and always believing a TRUE member above all others. We are not just a clan, we are a family.
Honor: To always harbor good feelings and uplifting behavior towards each other. We are here to bring you up, not take you down.

Respect: To accept your fellow members for who they are and abide by their personal rules. If someone doesn’t want to be treated a certain way then respect him/her and don’t do it.

No Racism

The race, creed or religion of a TTTg member shall not be the topic of jokes, cruel remarks or insults. Disrespect of any kind over race, creed or religion is an automatic suspension.

No Cheating

Don’t cheat. Pretty simple. It’s not tolerated in game by bungie and won’t be tolerated by us.

No Sexism

Disrespect or discrimination of any kind over gender is an automatic ban.

No Disrespect towards leaders

This is a major NO NO. If you disrespect an appointed high ranking Officer of TTTg, you will be dealt with in a manner more severe than a normal rule breaking. Possible termination and banning. They are here to help and do so voluntarily.

No Rage Quitting

Rage Quitting is expressly prohibited. If you leave in the middle of the game because your mad at it, mad at someone, mad at a hacker, or mad in general, unless it has to do with PERSONAL life such as wife, kids, puking your guts out, or anything equally or more serious, then you are a rage quitter.


Recruiting for TTTg is done by everyone, but only the leadership can invite recruits to the clan. Whomever recruited the new member will be their mentor and show and tell them how TRUE works and what they need to do to stay a member.



Discord is our main source of communication, you’ll have 48 hours from the time you join the clan on Bungie’s website to join us on our Discord server. Either, one of the admins will send you the server link or you can click the link below.


Clan Events

We do clan events 4 times a month. Its best that you team up with one us to do any of the fireteam requiring missions such as nightfall, raids, gambit or strikes. Since its 4 times a month, you have to do it at least once.

I have a question, where can i get it answered?

If you have any questions regarding the clan or the game please join us on Discord so you may see first-hand how the community operates.


Code of Conduct

Behaviour in a courteous manner

This is a large community, and as such there will be people you don’t like. However, we expect you to deal with that in an adult fashion.

NSFW Content

The majority of our members are adults, so we don’t really care if you share NSFW material. If it’s seriously disturbing though, there is a special channel on discord that you can request to get access to.

Messed up as this channel is, it still has some basic rules every person should follow.

  • No Racism
  • No Homophobia

Reporting offenders

If you see something truly offensive, or see some one being a dick to another clan member, or to some one outside the clan, please report it.

You can report it to any of the admins (coloured in green, orange or red on discord). Try to take a screenshot of the event.

Please don’t report every minor thing.